Tom Raider Anniversary Ripped PC Game Free Download

Tomb Raider Anniversary Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download


Tom Raider Anniversary Ripped PC Game Free Download

You Can Download Tomb Raider Anniversary full Version Direct download link from Here. All Link are direct here just click on download link and your download will start immediately. Tomb Raider Anniversary PC Game Direct Download, Tomb Raider Anniversary PC Game Free download full
Tomb Raider Anniversary Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 735MB

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary , formerly known as Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition , is a remake loosely based on the first game Tomb Raider developed using an enhanced version of the graphics engine for Tomb Raider: Legend contains many of the locations shown in ‘ original.

Despite chronologically expected to lie much earlier, is the second part of a trilogy that began with Tomb Raider: Legend and finished with Tomb Raider: Underworld .

The game was developed for PlayStation Portable , PlayStation 2 , Microsoft Windows and Wii . On 24 April 2007 , Eidos announced 1 June as the European release date for the PS2 and PC versions, while the North American version was released on June 5. [3] The PSP version was released in the United States on August 9 2007 , while the European version on October 26 of that year, while the Wii version has been scheduled for a release later . The version of the Xbox 360 was officially announced on 18 June 2007 . It announced a version for Mac OS X but it is not known the time of release.

1945 , New Mexico . In an area intended for the testing of nuclear bombs, the explosion of one of these collapsing of a crystalline structure, from which comes a mysterious winged creature. 1 996 , India . Lara Croft is a young and attractive girl, an orphan, who, could afford to live off thanks to the wealth of the deceased father, from whom he also inherited a spirit for adventure, is delighted to engage in businesses of archaeological mold. Lara is hired by the industrialist is Jacqueline Natla , through the mediation of Larson , an archaeologist friend of the girl. Natla has found the location of Vilcabamba , the legendary Peruvian city where they would be the last Inca refugees fleeing from the Spaniards, and in which is concealed the tomb of Qualopec , their last ruler, and a member of the “triumvirate of Atlantis “in its grave you should find one of the three pieces of the legendary Scion , a mystical artifact whose fragments were shared by the three legendary rulers of the ancient city. Natla, knowing that in the past Lara and her father had tried in vain to find the location of the city, asks her to find the relic; Lara, of course, accepts the proposal. Accompanied by a guide Peruvian , he went to the mountains of Peru , where it should be the entrance to the city. After being able to open the huge door that lead to the underground kingdom, Lara is forced to go it alone as his guide is killed by some wild wolves. Entrance inside the cave discovered something amazing: the legendary “lost valley” where he addresses the most frightening creatures ever existed on earth: the majestic T-Rex along with the fearsome Velociraptor . After dealing with dinosaurs and numerous lethal traps of cunning, reaches Vilcabamba where he finds the body of Qualopec and his tomb is the first piece of the Scion. Recovered the artifact, Lara escapes from the tomb begins to collapse. Outside Larson is ready to steal the hard-earned fragment of the artifact. After giving him a sound lesson, Lara can, take some valuable information and discovers that another archaeologist was hired and sent by Natla to find the second piece. This stimulates Lara to make a raid at the office of Natla’s Technologies to search for more information, where a brief vision of a film about the continuation of research into the heads to St. Francis’ Folly, a monastery that is located in Greece ; Here compete against Pierre DuPont , rival treasure hunter known as unscrupulous. Overcome architectural structures such as the Palace of Midas and the Coliseum, gets in the Tomb of Tihocan , the second member of the triumvirate, and also recovers the second artifact, but is subtracted from Pierre that, cunningly, in order to avoid the dangers faced by Lara had expected that enlist. However, the desecration of the ancient tomb raises some guards like centaurs , that will kill easily and Pierre will face the protagonist. Lara, having found a fragment of Tihocan and have had a strange vision caused by an attempt to unite the two relics, in search of the third artefact, hidden in Egypt . After entering none other than the sphinx and in a shrine inside, gets the last piece, combining the fragments and has a vision (finally clear and understandable) that takes you back in time. Here you see the king of Atlantis and meet in council to condemn the third ruler, or Natla itself. The latter was punished and expelled from the sacred order for having unleashed the armies of Atlantis against the other sovereign in an attempt to start the so-called Seventh Age, using the powers of the Scion; for this was imprisoned in the crystal structure which was then liberated by the explosion of Los Alamos. Just finished watching, Lara, before they can react, he sees Natla to steal the artifact from his hands full. The protagonist asks what the Seventh Age, but Natla cut short and orders his henchmen to kill her. Lara manages to escape by diving into a river, then following close behind Natla with his bike. This change means and part with his gorilla in the boat, but Lara manages to reach it and to go in stealthily. The boat moors near a small mountainous island, which hides the ruins of an ‘ ancient Atlantean pyramid , where Natla is practicing the excavations. Inside Lara Larson meets that prevents her from continue between the mines. In a crescendo of inner conflicts, he is finally killed (the first man killed by Lara). At the gates of the Great Pyramid tackles the last two henchmen Natla, Kid and Kold , who die in combat. Finally, after finishing in the top of the pyramid overcoming gadgets so elaborate as mortals, reaches Natla that is successful, thanks to the power of the Scion, to reactivate the pyramid and bring it to light; thanks to it Natla is also planning to rebuild the armies of Atlantis (skinless creatures generated by the structure itself) causing the extinction of the human race and the beginning of the Seventh Age, and proposes Lara to join her, thus becoming one of the new immortals driving Atlantis and accessing the knowledge contained in the Scion (main purpose is Lara who brought his father to look for him). The archaeologist, however, rejects destroying the artifact and defeating (apparently) Natla. Eventually Lara escapes from the pyramid that, without the power of the building collapses in on itself and begins to erupt lava (which seems to be one of the sources of energy that allow it to work), diving in the sea and getting into the boat: observing the ‘explosion Lara looks at his hands (before the subject of remorse for having killed a human being, then personal gratification for destroying an object that could put an end to all humanity); then you put at the helm and leaves behind the island in ruins.

Anniversary is a remake of the 1996 best-selling original, built using the graphics engine for Tomb Raider: Legend . It is not an identical remake, but follows a similar plot. There are many of the key moments of the original game with its relative levels rebuilt, but with the new skills of Lara.

The composer of the soundtrack of Tomb Raider: Legend , Troels B. Folmann, is back for Anniversary. It is also returned to the inventory ring used in the first three chapters.

On 27 October 2006 Eidos Interactive has revealed the first screenshots of Tomb Raider: Anniversary . [7] The level seems to be the Lost Vale . The game was officially revealed in a video released by Eidos and Crystal Dynamics, which ends in a dramatic fashion with the arrival of the T-Rex. The official website of Tomb Raider: Anniversary has opened the following day. On February 23, was permanently closed the old version of the official website, and opened a new one with a different unpublished material (including a new trailer).

Tomb Raider Anniversary Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 735MB
Tomb Raider Anniversary Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 735MB
Tomb Raider Anniversary Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 735MB
Tomb Raider Anniversary Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 735MB

Download and Install

First of all Click on Download Link and Your Download will Be Start this is Free High Speed and Direct Download Link with Resumeable Capacity. After Downlaod Extract all Parts of Game in One Folder and Then Open Setup to Install Game Enjoy. IF You Like this Game Take 5 Seconds to Share This Game With You Friends. Don’t Forget to Say Thanks. Follow by Email or Click on Join the Site to Get More New Games in Your Inbox
Tomb Raider Anniversary Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: XP, Vista or 7
CPU: Pentium 3 1GHz or Higher
RAM Memory: 256MB
Graphics: 64 MB 3d or Better
DVD ROM: 4x or Higher
Mouse and Keyboard

Tomb Raider Anniversary Recommended System Requirements

CPU: Pentium 4 3GHz or Higher
RAM Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: 256 or Higher
DVD ROM: 8x or Better
HDD Space: 4GB Free Space
Mouse and KeyBoard
Games Size = 700 MB
Game Password is Given Below If You Need Any Help With Password Please Visit Password Page in Menu or Click Here. If You Need Installation Help Please Visit How to Install Page In Menu or Click Here. If You Help With Common Game Play Problems Like msvcr100.dll missing etc.. Please Visit Errors & Solution Page in The Menu Or Click Here.

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