Why did Mario get stuck in the ice?

The mystery of why Mario got stuck in ice has been solved.

Mario is back on the ice after years of hibernation.

The adventure adventure commando series continues with an adventure investigation game series.

This series is known for the game “Mario Adventures”, a collaboration between Nintendo and the game company.

The game, which was released in 2007, is based on the book by William Goldman, which describes a mission in Antarctica by the fictional explorer, Captain Cook.

The book is based in part on the reality of the mission and the adventures that were undertaken by Captain Cook, which led to the discovery of a new continent called New Zealand.

The adventures in this game series follow a group of explorers in Antarctica, and the captain, who is called “Captain Cook”, travels with them on the Antarctic ice-breaking vessel, the Kilo-Lands.

The captain and his crew, the “Grimms”, are trying to reach the frozen continent of New Zealand, which is where Captain Cook discovered a new land.

They set off with the Killy-Grimm ice-breaker, the Tern, which also sets sail to the Antarctic.

Captain Cook sets off with a crew of around 150 men in the Antarctic expedition.

It is a very dangerous expedition, which has led to numerous deaths and injuries, including the death of the expedition’s first officer, Captain William “Gus” Brimley.

The expedition goes into a dangerous area, with many dangerous icebergs and icefalls, as well as a huge area of land which was once a major icebreaker.

The crew of the Killys, including Captain Cook and his wife, Alice, have to cross many dangerous icefalls and dangerous rivers, to reach a point where they finally reach New Zealand where Captain Burns is waiting for them.

The story begins in New Zealand with Captain Burns arriving on a boat called the Kool-Aid Man.

The boat is called the “Wings of the Wacky Duck” due to the duck in the name of the ship.

The Kool, a ship which was used to transport supplies and people during the time of the Cold War, is on a voyage to the North Pole, but when the Kools crew begins to lose steam, the ship suddenly loses its way, and crashes into an iceberg.

The ship is washed away, and it is then discovered that Captain Cook’s ship was on a collision course with an iceberg, which then fell into the North Atlantic Ocean.

The crew of Captain Burns, including his wife and his son, are stranded in the North Sea and have to fight off waves and currents, while trying to get to New Zealand from Antarctica.

The sea is very dangerous, and they are forced to rely on a life raft and fishing nets.

The journey through the ice to the New Zealand island of Christmas Island is extremely dangerous, as the Killed have been known to drown.

The adventure adventure adventure detective adventure series continues the story with a detective investigation game, “Mario Adventure”, based on a real-life case.

The series was developed by Nintendo and is known as “Mario” Adventure.

The original game is the classic Mario adventure series, with Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong all on the adventure adventure team, the Mario Adventure team.

The franchise has continued with several different versions of the series.

Mario Superstar Baseball is a game based on an earlier game, and has been played by millions of people worldwide.

Mario Sports is the third Mario sports game series, and is based off the game Super Mario World.

The games have also been developed for console systems, including Nintendo’s Wii and GameCube systems.

In this series, the story takes place on an island called Kwik-E-Mart.

Mario, his friends, and Luigi are trying their best to buy merchandise from the Kwik E-Mart, while battling other players who try to steal their goods.

In the series, Luigi, along with his friends and Mario, are tasked with collecting items and solving puzzles while fighting various characters, such as the Captain of the Jolly Roger and a pirate.

The Nintendo DS game series is also known as Mario Adventure, Mario Kart and Super Mario Kart.

The game series was first released in the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance consoles.

The Mario series has been developed by the Nintendo company for a number of platforms, including smartphones, tablet computers and gaming consoles.

Nintendo has also released many video game spin-offs of the Mario series.

The Mario Kart series has numerous spin-off games, including Mario Kart DS, Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario Party 10, Mario Super Sluggers and Super Smash Bros. The Nintendo DS spin-on series is called Mario Kart: Superstars.

The first Mario adventure game was the critically acclaimed adventure adventure series “Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time” (later renamed to “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle”).

This adventure adventure game series takes place in an

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