The Mistborn trilogy hits cinemas in Australia

The Mistbears are back in cinemas and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table.

The Sword and the Star is the first installment of the Mistborn Trilogy, the second in the Mistblood Saga, and will be released on September 10th.

The movie follows the adventures of Mistborn, a boy who, after a tragedy that leaves him with powers far beyond the powers of his people, sets out on a quest to bring the Mistbards back into the fold.

The new trilogy is based on the Mistfear novels by Brandon Sanderson, and follows Mistborn on his journey to reclaim his people and regain control over his destiny.

We spoke to the director of The Mistbringer Trilogy, J. Michael Straczynski, about the movie and the Mistbound saga, what to expect from the third installment, and the future of the series.

The Mistfathers: I was looking for an action film that could take advantage of the genre, because there is nothing else out there that does it quite like The Mist.

The first Mistborn book, Mistborn: The Complete Saga, was very well received.

We’ve done a lot of the same things in the series, and we’re very proud of that.

So I think the fans will be happy to see more.

There’s a lot going on in The Mist in the next Mistborn movie, but the main focus is the main characters.

Mistborn’s story is told from the perspective of his parents, which is very relatable for kids and adults.

That makes it so that if you’re a kid, you can relate to Mistborn.

If you’re an adult, you’re going to relate to the characters in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

But it’s not just a family thing.

You’re going on adventures together.

It’s not about the family thing, it’s about the characters and their journeys and their adventures.

The film is very much grounded in reality.

It follows the Mistfather family as they have their own adventures and the adventures they have in this world.

And I think that’s what makes it different from other action films out there.

We didn’t want to be in the business of trying to be a family movie.

So we were very intentional that we wanted to take the Mist family into a different world.

We wanted to make a film about the Mist children and their parents and their journey.

It was really important to us that we did that in a way that the story was not just the children and the parents.

There are no parents in this story.

We are just in the world and we are going on this journey together.

We’re not in the same place at the same time.

And we don’t want any parent feeling guilty or trying to put down the children.

The main thing that I liked about this film is that the Mistchildren are very well-drawn.

There is a lot to the Mist fathers and their children.

You know the Mist are all like brothers.

They are all the same age and all the Mist parents are like brothers to the children, too.

You can see this through their eyes, too, which are very realistic.

I think they all have a very human quality to them.

We know that we have to be careful not to alienate the children because that’s a really difficult thing to do, but we didn’t do that.

Mistfather: The first thing you notice when you watch The Mist is how much love there is for the Mist.

We see them all as brothers.

Mistfears, Mistchildren: The Mistchildren, they’re very strong.

They fight, they run, they jump, they kick, they bite, they curse, they swear, they fight for the freedom of their people, for their homes, for all their children, but most of all for each other.

Mistmothers: The mistmothers are the most powerful and beautiful Mistborn of all.

They’re the most important.

They have their power and their responsibility.

They see the Mist, the power and the responsibility of the mistfathers, but they also see the power of their own children.

They protect and cherish them, they protect them and they cherish them.

The second thing you see when you see The Mist are the people.

I loved how we see the world through the eyes of the people of the city.

And you see that from the people we meet.

There you see them in a different light.

They do not see things through the filter of a male, white, straight person, like a white guy.

You see them through the lens of a person of color.

And this is what really struck me about this movie.

There was a lot more diversity in the story.

It wasn’t just the people from the Mist or the Mistmother who were represented.

We were also seeing people who were people of color, like the Mistchild.

You have this white kid who has these powers

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