How to build a spaceship from scratch

article Build a spaceship out of scrap!

With the help of the LEGO community, you can build your very own spaceship out on the beach.

With this tutorial you will learn how to build the spaceship using the LEGO parts, and even build the interior.

There is a lot of detail to learn to make this project, so if you are a LEGO fan, you might want to take a look at this tutorial.

You can download this tutorial here: LEGO Star Wars – LEGO Construction Tutorial – Part 1 (3 minutes) LEGO Star War – LEGO Star Builders Tutorial – Parts 1 and 2 (4 minutes) Lego Star Wars: Build a LEGO Star Destroyer – Part 2 (3 mins) LEGO Lego Star War: Build your own Star Destroyer (1 minute) LEGO The LEGO Movie – The LEGO Spacecraft – Parts 3 and 4 (3minutes) LEGO LEGO The Lego Movie – LEGO Build a Space Truck – Parts 5 and 6 (4minutes).

LEGO The Lego Movie – Build a Star Destroyer with LEGO Parts (1minutes, 45sec) Lego The LEGO® Movie – Construct a LEGO Space Station – Parts 7 and 8 (1minute, 43sec) LEGO Lord of the Rings – Build the Great Egg and the Ring of Power (1 hour, 20sec)  LEGO Lord Of The Rings: Build Your Own Hobbit Tower (1hour, 34sec)

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