Google Play will no longer accept purchases in games plus

Google’s Play store will no more accept purchases for games and other digital goods in games and apps, the search giant said today.

The change means that users won’t be able to download games, music or video clips from other sources for offline play, or buy them for digital downloads, said the company.

The change applies to Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10, which will be available to all users in a future version of the software.

The announcement comes a day after Google announced the launch of Google Play Games, a subscription service that lets users play games and take advantage of Google’s vast library of apps.

The company also launched a new “Game Center” app for Android, but only a limited number of apps will be compatible.

In addition, Google will no “more aggressively promote the app” and will limit promotion on other Android platforms, including its own iOS and Windows Phone.

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