Sonico announces ‘Sonico: The Next Evolution’ release on iOS and Android platform

By Paul Dolan/Bloomberg via Getty Images Sonico, the makers of Sonic Adventure and Sonic: The Lost World, has announced a new iOS and Google Play exclusive title for 2017.

The title, Sonico: Chicas Adventure, is a “fast-paced” adventure game that is reminiscent of classic Sonic games, Sonics fans and fans of Sonic games will know.

The title comes from the creator of the Sonic: Sonic Adventure games, former Sonic director and game director Kenji Fujita.

Sonico co-founder and CEO Michael J. Sohmert said that the title is a departure from the series’ recent focus on story and character.

“Sonico’s journey will be a true Sonic adventure and we wanted to deliver something fresh that takes us into uncharted territory,” Sohamert wrote on the Sonico website.

“Chicas Adventure takes place on the border of the unknown world of Chicas, where a group of strangers meet up and make plans to discover what the Chicasians are really up to.

The world is full of mysteries and dangerous enemies and Sonico and the group are on a mission to find the answer.”

Sonico says that Chicas Adventures story will focus on a single character, a mysterious man who is also known as Chica.

Chicas Quest will follow a group in search of the elusive Chica, who has kidnapped the Chico princess.

The game is set in an alternate universe in which the original Sonic titles are still around, and Sonica was created by Kenji to bring back the characters from their glory days.

The team said that Sonico was created to bring the franchise back to the forefront and focus on the players.

“With Chicas we want to tell the story of the journey of Sonic and the others as they continue their quest to discover the Chica Empire,” Sonico said in a press release.

“We want the world to be a safer place and to take their adventure with them, but not to feel like they are out of danger.

We are bringing back the story, but in a different way, as it is more a story of survival and the journey.

We have a new adventure to tell you about this exciting new world and its strange people.”

Sonic was recently acquired by Nintendo, but Sonico is currently in development on an Android and iOS release.

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