How to use your device to help the homeless

Google News app users can use their device’s microphone to call a helpline for people who are homeless, and then send a text message to the person.

The service will be available to Android and iOS users, and Google says the company is working with a number of nonprofits to make the service as easy as possible for people to use.

The service will initially be available in California, but it’s not yet clear how much of the state will receive it.

“People who are experiencing homelessness need help, and we want to make sure that we can help them find help if they need it,” Google Assistant CEO Adam Mosseri said in a statement.

“We want to support homeless people, and make sure they are safe, and provide the resources they need to help themselves and their families.”

Mosseri’s comments came after the city of Santa Cruz, California, approved the use of Google’s voice-controlled assistant to help with homelessness.

Google has also donated $2 million to the Santa Cruz Homeless Alliance, and it’s working with the city to help them distribute the Google Assistant to homeless people.

In its announcement, Google said that voice-operated apps have proven to be useful for a wide variety of people, but added that it is especially important for people experiencing homelessness.

“Voice-activated assistants are a fantastic tool for those experiencing homelessness,” Mosseri added.

“But in order to have the most impact, we want everyone to have access to a safe and effective service that helps them make a better life for themselves and families.”

Google said the voice-activated apps have been downloaded more than 300 million times and are used by more than 150 million people.

Google has also made it easier for homeless people to get services through Google Apps and Google Wallet.

In its announcement on Wednesday, Google also said that it’s expanding the use and accessibility of its Assistant to include “other services,” including an app that lets users “find their way around the world using a map and a map search.”

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