Disney Infinity 2.0 hits iOS and Android with Frozen Adventures game

Disney Infinity is set to get a fresh spin on its classic adventures games, and the game is set for a holiday release on iOS and Google Play.

The Frozen Adventures app for iOS and Play is set up to let players create their own Frozen Adventure adventures and play them through the game’s Disney Infinity universe.

This is a significant step in Disney Infinity’s journey to reaching the widest possible audience, with the Frozen Adventures team working closely with the developers to ensure that players get exactly what they want.

“We’re very proud to be able to launch Frozen Adventures on iOS this holiday season, and we can’t wait to bring it to Android in the future,” said Matt O’Neill, co-founder and CTO of Disney Infinity.

“This is a great way for players to explore the Frozen Universe without needing to buy all of the Frozen Adventure games or have them all downloaded.

We also know that the Frozen universe has been a huge success, with nearly 70 million registered users playing the Frozen adventure games and more than 50 million downloads.”

Frozen Adventures is set in the kingdom of Arendelle, where Anna and Elsa are tasked with finding and saving Princess Anna from the evil queen.

“Frozen Adventures will be available to download on both iOS and PC as a free download on January 19,” said Disney Infinity game director Mike Krahulik.

“With Frozen Adventures, players will be able take on the role of Anna and explore the world of Arestelle on their own terms.”

Frozen Adventure is available for iOS at the time of this writing, with Android versions coming soon.

Frozen Adventures will offer “the ultimate Disney Infinity experience,” with a full list of new content coming soon, including Frozen Adventure packs, characters, and more.

Frozen Adventure will be free to download and play through the entire Disney Infinity library, which will include the original Disney and Pixar Frozen adventures, as well as the Disney Infinity Classics, Disney Epic Mickey, and Marvel Super Heroes games.

Frozen adventures have been downloaded over 50 million times.

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