‘Dishonored’ launches on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Linux, Microsoft confirms

Dishonored is one of the best-selling video games of all time, according to a new report, and Microsoft is bringing the adventure game to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the company announced today.

“Dishoored” was the most popular game of 2016, according a new study from App Annie, a software research company.

The study found that “Dire Dawn” and “The Walking Dead: Season 1” are the top two best-sellers in the United States.

“We can’t wait to bring this amazing game to Xbox One as a free game on January 1,” said Microsoft Studios president David Braben in a statement.

“In a year where video games have become more popular, Dishonoring is one the most beloved video games ever made.”

The study’s data was collected through an online survey of 2,074 gamers.

The researchers said the survey had a sample size of 1,500 gamers.

“Our study shows Dishonores top spot for the year, which means that Dishonors top title was the highest-selling game in 2016,” Brabens team said in a press release.

“By making our titles available on Xbox and PC, we are giving consumers a way to experience the game without the time constraints of consoles.”

The report also found Dishonours top titles, including “The Witness,” “Titanfall,” “Assassin’s Creed,” “Resident Evil: Revelations,” “Super Smash Bros.,” “Assassins Creed III,” and “Tomb Raider.”

The company also released “The Secret World,” a game in development that it is bringing to PC, Xbox One S, and PS4 in the coming months.

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