What a treasure! How a cave-dwelling species got a big name in a movie

An unusual creature has been making waves in movie lore.

The mysterious creature in “The Treasure of the Lost Temple” may be a giant, ancient creature.

The creature’s name is Ophiocordyceps cuniculus, which means “the big toe.”

The movie’s director, James Ivory, told the Associated Press that the creature was in a cave that was abandoned in 1821.

It was later found by explorer William W. Johnson in 1833, according to the Associated News.

Ophiocords are considered to be among the largest creatures on earth, according the National Geographic Society.

It is thought to weigh over 6,000 pounds.

The creature has a mouth full of claws that protrude from its feet.

The claws have been named for the ancient Greek word for “big toe.”

It is also known as the ‘big toe’ of the cave.

The creatures size has caused a stir in movies and books, the AP reported.

The movie opens in theaters July 11.

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