Watch out! New Adventure Games are coming to Steam!

Watch out, PC gamers!

You might be able to pick up a brand new adventure game on Steam this year.

That’s according to a recent tweet from developer Double Fine Adventure.

The tweet was retweeted by one of the games’ developers, who has since deleted it.

Double Fine Adventure has since responded to the post and apologized for the tweet, but they still appear to have the tweet to thank.

The tweet from Double Fine’s official account read:I’m not going to get into the specifics of the specifics here but Double Fine is going to bring the most authentic adventure games to Steam.

We want you to feel like you’re immersed in a game that’s authentic, and we’re excited to be bringing the most innovative, unique, and challenging adventures to Steam in 2017.

The tweets came as a surprise, and there’s a lot more that needs to be clarified, but Double-Fee has since clarified that the new Adventure games are coming this year:We’re excited that we can bring these games to the Steam marketplace, and they will be available at launch for $4.99 each.

These are the most immersive adventures ever to grace Steam.

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