How to make a game using your Android phone

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to make your very own GBA adventure game.

For this tutorial you’ll need an Android phone, a Gameboy Advance emulator, a 3D printer, and a few other items that you might not have at home.

You’ll need to have at least one of these components at home if you want to make this tutorial work, so make sure to grab it before we get started.

Once you’ve got everything you’ll want to assemble, it’s time to set up the game.

First, we’ll create a Game Boy Advance emulator.

You can find this tool in the Google Play Store.

Open the Gameboy Ace emulator, click the Add Game button, and then select GBA emulator as your destination.

The emulator will now create a new Gameboy game.

This is the game we’ll be using to make the tutorial.

Click the Save button to save the game to your computer.

Next, we want to add some text to the game so that it can be played on your TV.

Select Text for Game, and in the dropdown menu select the Text box.

Select Save to a new file.

Next up, we need to select the image format for our game.

We’ll use the .gba file format.

Open GBA Emulator, click File, and choose a .gbo file as the File type.

If you’re using a different image format, make sure you select the one you need.

Finally, we have to select a background image.

We’re using the black and white background from the game’s logo.

Select Background from the drop-down menu.

This will open the Game Boy emulator’s image viewer, select the picture, and add a text caption.

In this case, we’ve just added text to show that the GBA game is available for download.

Now, we can click the Save to File button and save the file to your desktop.

If all went well, the GameBoy Advance emulator should display a notification at the top of the screen.

If not, you can check the Gamecube emulator’s settings and then click File in the menu to load the emulator.

Click Save to your Desktop and open GBA.

You should now see a warning that you can’t download your game.

Select File in your File menu to download the file.

In the file you’ve downloaded, click Open, and click OK.

The file should open up in the emulator’s menu.

Click Download and you should see your downloaded file in your Downloads section.

Once downloaded, open the game and begin playing.

The game should now play and be available for viewing.

Now that we have the file in our Downloads section, we just need to add it to the emulator in order to play it.

Open Game Boy Emulator’s File menu, select Add, and enter the name of your file in the Name box.

Then click Add File.

The File menu will show all of the files you’ve added in the past.

Add the file name and click Add.

You will now be asked to name the file after the emulator, as well as add the icon for it in the title.

The title will now look something like this:  Gameboy Adventure Game.gba .

You can now download the .gb file from your Downloads tab and play it!

Now that you’ve finished making this game, we should be able to import it into GBA for use in our adventure.

We can do this by opening the File menu and selecting Import.

You might notice the file isn’t in our downloads section yet.

This means it won’t be imported until we add it in.

You must add the file manually to the downloads tab in order for the game you’re importing to be imported.

First off, open up the File Menu, select File, click Import, and select the Game Game file you just downloaded.

If everything went well we should see the file being imported.

If it didn’t, then it means you didn’t add it correctly.

Open up the GameBattles Game Info window, click Menu, and go to the Options menu.

Under Importing Games, click Browse, and you’ll see the game being imported into our Downloads tab.

Now it’s finally time to load our game and start playing.

You’re going at full speed now, so let’s open up our browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080/gba/game.gbb.

Select the game, and play!

This tutorial is over, but you can find more detailed tutorials on how to create your own games here on The Hill.

You may also want to check out these other tutorials on using your phone for games, or how to use a 3d printer for 3D printing.

We’d love to hear what you’ve learned!

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