‘Doctor Adventure’ game will be available to buy on PlayStation 3, PS Vita and Xbox 360, developer says

Sprouts Adventure Game, a reboot of the popular adventure game “Doctor Adventure,” will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive game, developer Kevin O’Leary announced on Thursday.

“You will be able to purchase ‘Doctor Adventures’ on PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Xbox One,” he said in a blog post.

“This is a huge milestone for Sprouts.”

The announcement came after O’Donnell and the developer confirmed the game will release on October 6.

Sprouts is the company behind the popular “Doctor Adventures” and “Doctor Zoidberg” games.

O’Brien said the game, which is based on a rebooted adventure game from the 1980s, is meant to be “the ultimate game for anyone who loves adventure games.”

O’Dell and the game’s developer announced the news at a recent conference, during which the team revealed a number of details about the game.

The new game will include a story mode, “Doctor” mode, a multiplayer mode, two new characters and three new maps, the blog post said.

Sprout Adventure Game was developed by a team of five people, including O’Reilly, a former “Doctor Zone” producer and director, who also worked on the original “Doctor and Me” series.

The game’s release date is still to be determined, but it will be out on September 30.

It is currently available on PS3, Xbox Live Arcade, PC and Mac.

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